Frequently Asked Question

How to set up your store at AAA

Join as a free member at AAA Account link and select Register tab and “I am a Vendor” to start.

You can use your email or social media accounts (Gmail and Facebook, if available) to join.

You may wish to decide on your Shop Name, and your Store URL. For example, your shop name may be “Adam Boot Store”, and your url will be ‘adam-boot-store”. Store url is on a first come first served basis and is unique in the site.

Please to fill in your store details before you are able to submit the form. The whole process should take about 1 to 3 minutes. 

To be able to add products, you will need to select at least an AAA Free Plan to begin. No credit card is required to join.

After submission, you may need to verify your email address to activate your AAA account.

Upon clicking the activation link, you should be directed to AAA Vendor Setup Wizard (optional) to assist you to quickly input the relevant details of your store. However, you may skip this step if you so desire and configure your settings in your Vendor Dashboard.

Currently, this site supports Facebook and Google social logins.

As a Vendor, you will get a user account, where you will be able to access your Vendor Dashboard to manage your store. 

This is where you manage your products, orders, coupons, reports, profile, settings, and many other features.

When you join as a Vendor, you will need to subscribe to a Vendor Plan, which will specify the number of products for you to manage.

AAA supports B2B businesses, which are automatically enabled for all buyers and sellers upon joining AAA.

During the beta launch of AAA, we don’t provide any form of support to our users due to our limitations. However, we believe that this site is simple enough to use. We will add more FAQs to assist our users. This site will continue to be developed in the background to add more features and to redeisign the user interface based on feedbacks or demands from time to time.

AAA does not guarantee all the features are available at any one time and reserve the right to modify, delete and add any features in our sole and absolute discretion. Our list of features (some are still unavilable, pending or in the pipeline) include:

  1. AAA Vendor Dashboard
  2. Vendor Banner
  3. Vendor Profile Image
  4. Product Export/Import 
  5. AAA Follow Store
  6. Product Duplicator
  7. Vendor Store Map (Geolocation)
  8. AAA Live Search
  9. AAA Product Enquiry
  10. AAA Shipping Settings
  11. AAA Return and Warranty Request
  12. AAA Single Product Multiple Sellers
  13. AAA Store Support (self-management)
  14. AAA Subscription
  15. AAA Coupon system
  16. Your Opening and Closing Hours of your Store
  17. AAA Vendor Verification via social media
  18. AAA Vendor Review
  19. AAA Vendor Staff Manager
  20. AAA Vendor Vacation
  21. AAA Vendor Verification
  22. AAA Wholesale Vendor
  23. AAA Bookings (pending)
  24. AAA Report Abuse
  25. AAA Earning Reports
  26. Customer Whatsapp Enquiry / Order
  27. Admin Announcements
  28. Vendor Store Front
  29. Vendor Vacation Notice
  30. Vendor Store SEO
  31. Pdf Invoices
  32. Credit Payment via Stripe Connect (pending)
  33. AAA Vendor’s Withdrawal Requests
  34. AAA Store Categories
  35. Single Seller Order Mode
  36. AAA Featured Product (Fees payable)
  37. AAA Featured Vendor (Fees payable)
  38. AAA Auctions (coming soon)
  39. AAA Live Chat (coming soon)
  40. AAA Mobile App (next phase)

AAA is a multivendor platform where there are multiple vendors selling their products and services. 

AAA currently only permits a buyer to buy one or more products from one vendor at a time. After completing his first purchase, he can continue to buy products from another vendor in another order. 

AAA site is optimized for mobile devices and can be operated on most latest mobile phones and tablets. 

Currently, payment is made directly by Buyers to Sellers directly, and not through this site. You should specify your Payment modes, eg. PayPal, Stripe, PayNow, Bank Transfer, Cash on delivery, etc and other modes of your choice in your Store so that your Buyers will know how to make payment to you.

If Stripe Connect (credit cards) is enabled at and in LIVE mode, and if you are connected to Stripe Connect (check Vendor Dashboard), then this will be an Option for Buyer to select. 

How you collect the payment depends on the mode of payment selected by Buyer.

If payment is made through Credit Cards (Stripe Connect), then you will receive payment via your Stripe Account connected to Stripe Connect account.

Store & Product FAQs

Have a query? Please check this question and answers

No, you may not as product categories are determined by Admin.

You are able to use an existing tag, or create a new one. However, Admin reserves the right to delete or modify any tag created by the Vendors, or assign your product to an appropriate tag.

The resolution size is 768 x 300 pxi.

If this feature is available, you can create bookable products. To create booking product, Go to Vendor dashboard → Bookings to see available options.

Yes, you have the option to specify your wholesale price when you create your products.

If you wish to specify any product for wholesale pricing, in editing your product in Vendor Dashboard, please enable wholesale pricing as seen below:


Although you have stated your address upon registration, if the map location of your store is not correct, you may need to specify the address in the box just above the Map in your Vendor Dashboard.

To set your location for your store map, please access your Vendor Dashboard > Settings to input your correct address at the Map. Please see below:

You can find an overview of your store, page view, orders, earnings, reviews and products. There is also an announcement section for AAA Admin’s notices or announcements.

AAA Vendor Dashboard gives you an overall summary of your store and activities. From this dashboard you can easily manage you stores and also get quick insights. Besides that it will provide suggestions on how to make your store more appealing to your customers.

You can create the following products:

  1. Simple Product / Service
  2. Booking Product (if available)
  3. Subscriptions Product (if available)

You need to login to your Vendor Dashboard to create a new product.

Navigate to Vendor dashboard→ Product→ Add new

Please note that usuage of this site is subject to the terms and conditions set out in AAA Terms

[Temporary instructions for beta launch – more to be added] Shipping can be a little complicated, but this should be no difference from other platforms. Shipping is applicable for physical products only.

Basically, you will need to decide on your shipping methods:

  1. Flat Rate
  2. Local Pickup 
  3. Free Shipping

By default, a Singapore Shipping Zone and Flat Rate at $0 is specified, and please edit or add as per your own requirements. Currently, AAA is limited to Singapore Zone only. 

Vendors need to navigate to Store→Vendor Dashboard→Settings→Shipping.

From here, a Vendor can add shipping methods by clicking on Edit or Add Shipping Method.

From here Vendors can choose to limit zone location for his customers and also add new shipping methods.

To add shipping methods, Vendors need to click on Add Shipping Method and select one from the drop-down.

In this way, Vendors can add unlimited shipping methods. By hovering over the shipping method, Vendors can edit and delete. And the toggle button can be used to enable/disable a shipping method.

Vendors can also limit zone location using postcodes that apply to customers purchasing from that zone.

A Vendor can also set his own shipping policy and shipping processing time for the customers. Simply click on the Policy Settings tab on the top right corner marked shown in the image below to manage the Shipping Policy settings.

AAA is in pre-launch mode, and although most of the features are working, we are still testing them and configuring them to best suit our users. 

In Vendors configuring their Shipping Settings and Methods, they may wish to test them first in the site, and modify accordingly. 

Flat Rate

Each Shipping Zone can have different (and multiple) Flat Rates if you wish.

  1. To make changes to a shipping method, Vendor needs to click Edit.
  2. Vendor can change the Title if he wants to or keep it as default. This title displays to customers in checkout.
  3. Next he has to add the Cost (this is applied to the entire cart). Currently, shipping classes are not applied.
  4. Select its Tax Status (define whether or not tax is applied to the shipping amount).
  5. You can also type a Description for this method if you prefer.
  6. Click on Save Settings.

Local Pickup

In Local Pickup, customers can pick up the order themselves from a designated location.

  1. To make changes, hover over the shipping method and click on Edit.
  2. Enter a Title that displays to customers in checkout – eg. Local Delivery.
  3. Enter Cost – Cost for the option, is applied to entire cart.
  4. Select Tax Status.
  5. Then click on Save Changes.

Free Shipping

Free shipping is a great way to encourage customers to spend more. For example, offer free shipping on orders over $100.

  1. Enter a Title that displays to customers in checkout.
  2. Enter a Minimum Order Amount (if applicable).
  3. Click on Save changes.

Please go to your Vendor Dashboard and Edit your product, and change your Product Status from Draft to Online.

Edit in Products

Quick Edit in Products

If the above is still not working, your product may be under review by Admin, and you will need to contact Admin to resolve the issue.

Whatsapp feature is in beta mode (testing), and should work as it is.

There is nothing for the Vendor to configure, except just to ensure that your Store Telephone is correct and has Whatsapp enabled.

To edit your Telephone number, go to Vendor Dashboard > Settings > Phone No. Remmeber to add the Country code, for example: +65 XXXXXXXX for Singapore.

Order on Whatsapp‘ button will appear on the Single Product page, and customer can click on the button to direct their enquire directly with the specific Vendor selling that product.

For customers, they want to know whether they can trust the sellers that they are buying products from. In the internet, there are many scams and customers are very wary. 

Therefore, by connecting your social profiles to your store at AAA, this will inform your customers that you have a verified address and contact number. With these added to your store, customers will be more comfortable trusting you and ultimately buy from you.

If Tax Calculation is enabled, please note as follows:

  1. when you enter the Price for your product/service, please note that this is inclusive of Tax/GST/Sales Tax
  2. There are 2/3 types of Tax Options, namely, (A) Standard Rate,  (B) Tax Inclusive (B) Zero Rate (Nil tax)
  3. Standard Rate is dependent on the Country/State, so for example, if you are selling your product in Singapore, the Standard Rate for GST is currently 7%.
  4. Prices shown in Shop and Cart are inclusive of Taxes.
  5. Taxes are based on Shop based address. For example, if your Shop is based in Singapore, then Standard rate will be based on Singapore Tax.

You should enter the price of your product/service inclusive of tax. 

If Tax Calculation is enabled, please note as follows:

  1. go to Vendor Dashboard > Product, and edit any product
  2. in Tax Status, you can select (A) Taxable (B) Shipping only, (c) None
  3. if you select “Taxble”, you will be given a option to select the “Tax Class“, such as Standard, Tax Inclusive Rate or Zero Rate. For this tax classes, please read our FAQ on this.

Step 1

Step 2

In your Vendor Dashboard > Product, when adding or editing any product, under Class Status, select “None“.

During the beta launch, no payment is made through AAA, and Buyers and Vendors will liaised directly on the payment modes of their choice, such as PayPal, Stripe, PayNow, Credit Cards, etc.

We are in developmental stage of testing Stripe Connect, which means that Buyer can pay Vendor via Credit Card if Vendor’s Stripe Account is connected to Stripe Connect.

If payment is made via Credit Credit (Stripe), Stripe will then pay to Vendor and Vendor bears the fees payable to Stripe.

In the beta launch, AAA will not collect commission (estimated between 5% to 8%) for payments made via Stripe. However, we may introduce a reasonable fee in due course.

We are in developmental stage of testing Stripe Connect, which means that Buyer can pay Vendor via Credit Card if Vendor’s Stripe Account is connected to Stripe Connect.

If Stripe Connect is enabled in, then Buyer will see an option to pay by Credit Card (Stripe). 


You should have a Stripe Account first before you link your account to AAA Stripe Connect.

When you are ready to link to AAA Stripe Connect, please access your Vendor Dashboard > Settings > Payment > Stripe > Connect with Stripe.

See steps below:

In the Checkout Page, Buyer may be presented with a Credit Card (Stripe) payment option.

Unless the Vendor is connected to AAA via Stripe, Buyer will not be able to pay with Credit Card (Stripe), and an error message will be shown to Buyer.

If you store does not appear in AAA’s Store Listing page (showing a list of Vendors) or is showing a wrong location in the Map, then it is likely you have not set your store location (address) in the location map in your Vendor Dashboard. 

To set your Store Location, please access your Vendor Dashboard > Settings and scroll down to the Map as shown below and search your address. After adding your address, please remember to save it. Please see below:

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