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How do I shop at as a buyer? is a very new martketplace platform developed in Singapore in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic by a team of dedicated industy leaders in various fields.

As Singapore and the rest of the world are encouraged to stay at home with varying degree of lockdown, shopping online has never been more prevalent. 

Please allow new sellers to populate this site with their products and services, and we hope this will be one of your online shopping choices.

If you are also a seller of your own products and services, please feel free to join AAA as a vendor. For vendors, there are many features and please visit Be a Vendor and FAQ for Vendor pages.

Happy shopping!

In general, you will need to be a member of AAA to buy from a seller at this site. For your convenience, you may register with your social profiles such as Google and Facebook.

To register as a member, please visit AAA Login page.

To register as a member, please visit AAA Login page.

Please visit Terms page.

The buyer is buying directly from the seller, and both are the contracting parties, and not AAA is not involved in the order, and is not a contracting party. Please visit Terms page.

Please always be cautious when you are dealing with someone new. Although we have provided verification process for the vendors to verify themselves (eg. social profiles verification), please note ‘caveat emptor’ or ‘Let the buyer beware’.

Yes, the sale process is between the buyer and seller directly.

At the moment, no payment is made through AAA at all. All payment should be made directly with the seller, and kindly check with the seller directly on his payment mode.

Please check directly with your seller.

At the moment, seller collects the payment directly from the buyer.

If it is physical product, the seller will arrange with you for delivery. Please contact the seller directly. It may be prudent to check with the seller prior to your order.

You may order through AAA or directly with the seller, or even through Whatsapp.

AAA is a multi-vendor platform where there are multiple sellers selling their products and services. 

Currently, to prevent confusions in having multiple products and vendors in one order, AAA is limiting each order is limited to 1 vendor rather than mulitple vendor. We may change this policy in due course.

AAA only permits a buyer to buy one or more products from one vendor at a time.

After completing his first purchase, he can continue to buy products from another vendor in another order. In other words, a buyer cannot buy products from 2 or more sellers in one order. The buyer must buy products separately from each seller.

Yes, in the product page, if there is a Whatsapp logo, you may contact the seller directly with Whatsapp. 

Do note that this feature will work if the seller has provided his telephone number with Whatsapp enabled.

Please check with the seller directly. 

You may use Track Your Order link or contact seller directly.

Please check with seller directly.

Delivery charges will be specified by the seller. Before the buyer made the order, he may with to check with the seller.

In your accuont dashboard, you may click that option to become a wholesale customer.

If you are already a registered user in this site, please access your member’s account and you should be able to see a link to “Become a Vendor”. Please click that link to become a Vendor.

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